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Read The Philadephia Tribune's 2019 feature on Tiffany

Opera Philadelphia

As Ninetta, Love for Three Oranges

"Ninetta was the lush-voiced Tiffany Townsend, whose soprano soared effortlessly through the Academy of Music."
Seen and Heard International


"Mississippi soprano Tiffany Townsend sang gloriously in the role of the surviving princess Ninetta."

Opera Warhorses

"Princess Ninetta, beautifully sung by soprano Tiffany Townsend. Her performance had a purity about it, one without guile. There was no hint of, 'Isn’t this too ridiculous? I’m being rescued from an oversized orange and performing in this madcap show.'”

"Tiffany Townsend, lending depth and tremendous vocal power to her role as the sweet Princess in the orange... "

Curtis Opera Theatre

As Brenda, Empty the House (Orth)

"Soprano Tiffany Townsend captured Brenda’s giddiness at her hopes for a new life once she is gone from a house so full of memories, as well as her rage at the injustices life has piled upon her. Townsend has a powerhouse of a voice that one moment was giggly and light and the next exploding in anger. It was an outstanding, richly detailed performance of a complex character who could easily have been perceived as little more than a caricature. "
Seen and Heard International


"The writing suits Townsend, who possesses an expansive but hard-edged soprano and favors liberal amounts of vibrato. As Brenda, her body language and manner suggest restraint and the creeping infirmities of age, even as she unleashes impressive vocal power."

 "Tiffany Townsend used her rich voice and interpretive talent to make Brenda reveal her sorrowful, tormented soul.”

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